Author: Jaclyn

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Jason Mraz on success: ‘Just play’

Last week, I was listening to Jason Mraz on Spotify, and a live song from a Spotify Session--a stripped-down gig that often includes musicians' musings--came up at the end of "Love Someone." The host asked Mraz, what would he say to an aspiring artist who … Continue reading Jason Mraz on success: ‘Just play’


One month of freelancing full-time=Best. Month. Ever.

One month ago today, it was my last day at my full-time, 8-to-5, go-into-an-office-and-feel-like-everything-I-do-is-being-watched job. My last day of a steady paycheck, of benefits, of being on my own insurance. This is how that month has gone: Abso-frickin-lutely amazing. It's been eye-opening, too. I knew … Continue reading One month of freelancing full-time=Best. Month. Ever.