Where to find Curious Jac

I love writing guest posts — it’s such a great way to reach new readers with a whole different set of thoughts and sensibilities. You can find me at:

  • My Pixie Blog (“Jaclyn’s Happily Ever After,” Oct. 7, 2011)

  • Julie Ann Art (“Makeup Stocking Stuffer Ideas by Jac & Elsie,” Dec. 13, 2012)

If you’d like to work together for a Curious Jac guest post, just leave a comment with your email address, and I’ll be in touch. Favorite topics to write about include relationships, autism, jewelry, LGBT issues and more. Have an idea? I’d love to hear it!


1 thought on “Where to find Curious Jac”

  1. terry mcdaniel said:

    Hi Curious Jac!! i am originally from Lombard, Illinois, my name is terry! does your Papa really own Chellino cheese?? i have tried for over 7 yrs to get some out to me in boise, idaho. i would like to someday have my own pizza place where I make chicago thin crust pizzas. i would only use chellino scamorza! please tell your papa to ship it!!! i would pay so much for some!!! it is the best cheese in the world!! please please please tell him i want to buy a whole lot of it….oh man!!!! thank you for your time!!

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